Optoi Group intends to replicate the experience of strategic and investment partnership with a global vision. Has therefore launched numerous collaborations in the world and particularly in Brazil where it took part in new businesses and initiatives.

Innovasens Brasil
The Brazilian partner of Optoi Group

Innovasens Brasil is a branch of Optoi Group in Brazil. With headquarter in Florianopolis in the state of Santa Caterina, follows all the commercial and strategic group activities, including joint ventures recently set up, such as Duon Microelectronics in Chapecò and TNS Brasil in Blumenau. Supports Optoi Group companies to sale optical sensors, vision systems and custom and innovative sensors required by Brazilian industrial customers

  • Commecial brench office in Brazil representing the Optoi Group
  • Joint Venture partner for Italy - Brazil
  • Developing innovative sensors for Brazilian industrial customers
The Next Sensor

TNS is a company linked to Optoi Group created to develop and market electronic sensors such as inclinometers and encoders. In particular, TNS was born thanks to some initial significant partnership opportunities identified to develop the South American market along with other local companies involved in the industrial automation sector. Thanks to these initial partnerships and to others that TNS will soon finalize, the company offers custom and standard sensors and transducers with specific electronic interfaces and communication protocols optimized for clients' applications

  • Electronic transducers
  • Inclinometers, encoders and optical sensors
  • Industrial Automation Components
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Duon Microelectronics
Production of sensors in Brazil

Duon Microelectronics is a joint venture born in 2012 from a strategic partnership between Optoi Microelectronics and Chapecò Investmentos involving different Chapecò entrepreneurs in the Santa Caterina State in Brazil. Duon will be present with its clean room and production lines of microelectronic sensors inside the Innovative under construction in the technology campus at the Univesità UnoChapecò. Duon will be the first production and assembly line of microelectronic sensors in Brazil. The first products developed and produced in the Duon lines will be ODG biosensors for innovative medical screening applications, and Point of Care for the early diagnosis of diseases.

  • Manufacturing microelectronic sensors  production lines
  • Biosensors
  • Silicon Sensors