Optoi Group is made of companies already present for several years on the market and other new companies promoted by the group.

The willingness to make technological and market synergy between the companies at international level, the access to innovations and also to various institutional channels that promote them and the opportunity to invest managerial skills, technologies and patents in new start-ups, are among the Group founding principles.

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The specialist of optical sensors

Optoi specializes in the development and manufacture of silicon optoelectronic sensors and Smart Electronic Systems. Twenty years of experience in microelectronic technology enables us to have total control over our products: from the production of silicon wafer and the assembly of microelectronic components, to the manufacture, testing and sale of smart microelectronic and electronic sensors.

Optoi offers his technological partnership to specific markets requiring the development of innovative and patentable products built on our optoelectronic, microelectronics and electronic technologies.

  • The Optical Sensor Specialist
  • Custom Microelectronics and Electronic Sensors 
  • Microelectronics and Electronics internal production lines 
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Innovative Vision Systems

Eoptis designs and manufactures innovative vision systems for special applications and optoelectronic instruments for the in-line control of products and manufacturing processes. The products are used in the biomedical, security and food sectors.

Eoptis specialises in the field of electronics, optics, mechanics and analysis algorithms to design products available off-the-shelf or for custom OEM solutions. Advanced technologies are integrated with industrial components to manufacture reliable products with long-term availability and the best price/performance ratio.


  • Industrial and portable colorimeters
  • Profilometers and 3d optical instruments
  • Vision and hyperspectral camera systems
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Optical Sensors

Advansid is a joint venture born from the cooperation of important companies with over 15 years of experience in silicon radiation detectors made from silicon microelectronic technologies.

Advansid develops and manufactures Silicon Photo Multipliers (SiPM) i.e. sensitive light silicon detectors with single photon resolution, high gain, rapid response and immune to magnetic fields. Can be implemented in medical (PET) and safety (Cargo scanner) applications and in particle physics research.

Advansid has developed innovative X-rays detectors with medical radiology applications and quality controls in the industrial sector.

  • SiPM (Silicon Photo-Multiplier)
  • X Ray sensor
  • Custom sensors for radiation
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Sensors for the quality of life

UpSens, the start-up founded by Optoi to deal with environmental monitoring and life quality measurement, with reliable and low-cost sensors for the end consumer. UpSens successfully concludes an investments raising campaign through equity crowdfunding on Starsup at the end of 2016. The first sensors to be launched in 2017 are Upsens Air and Wave. The first measure the air quality that we breathe and the second measure and detect the presence of electromagnetic fields with harmful intensity for the health of people. UpSens was born in Trentino, always careful in environmental issues and sustainability, from companies and organizations excelling in innovation and research.

  • UpSens Wave
  • UpSens Air
  • UpSens custom B2B
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Industrio is committed to funding and building innovative products. Provides initial funding, technical resource for the development, prototyping and advanced manufacturing support. Industrio assists companies or people willing to create great products from Italy.

Select and invests in a limited number of start-ups and support them in bringing their products to market in the shortest possible time.

Assists in working out a business model, a prototype, a DFM, obtaining certifications, launching the product on the market and fund raising. Moreover, every day offers meeting with more than 40 professionals and partners that will help validate, design and create a great product.

  • First Italian accelerator of hardware start-ups
  • Selected 10 talented start-ups on over 900 projects
  • Acceleration from team/idea to start-up/product in 6 months
3D printing for rapid prototyping

MeccatroniCore, start-up founded in 2013, enters the acceleration program INDUSTRIO VENTURES and launches its line of 3D printers for professional and semi-professional use. With Leonardo and Studio the technological superiority of the engineering solutions will be immediately evident: replaceable head, stainless steel extruder with integrated nozzle, touch&print interface design technology. 3D printers start the drying process, which then need a long time to be completed in a natural way. The BB Cure oven is an essential tool to complete the drying of your resin products

  • Leonardo printer
  • Studio printer
  • Oven BB Cure
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Hives innovation

Melixa is developing a system to monitor the hives and the activity of the bees from a distance with an innovative patented device and a cloud algorithm application to alow better and efficient beekeeping. The system includes bees counter, environmental sensors, security system, online sharing system of collected information and an app to monitor the activity at all times.

  • Melixa System
  • Melixa Hive
  • Melixa Gate
Bikee Bike
The best electric motors for bicycles

Bikee Bike, one of the most revolutionary start-ups in the field of e-mobility, has been selected by Industrio Ventures accelerator. Bikee Bike proposes BEST® system, hybrid electric motor for bicycles. This engine can be installed on any bike and comes in three versions: 250W, 500W and 750W. Bikee Bike provides complete bikes with the BEST engine installed in the version called TOMCAT.

  • BEST 250
  • BEST 500
  • BEST 749
Security and supply for electric bikes

The Lock&Charge® system is a safety and power system that simplifies the use and purchase of electric two-wheeled vehicles, with the aim of installing an economical infrastructure for alternative mobility. Lock&Charge® system exploits its potentials when used for electric bicycles, electric scooters or other electric vehicles, but can be used for normal bicycles. In its most advanced version, Lock&Charge® system is a clever combination of an anti-theft and traceable lock, a docking /charge station and cloud technology.

  • Smart Lock
  • Simple Station
  • Mobile App
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Nova Labs
Modular electronics for robots

Nova Labs develops Nova Core, a hardware and software system to help companies and enthusiasts in developing innovative robots. Nova Core provides modules to control different types of motors, senses the world with state-of-the-art sensors, and communicates via several interfaces, allowing anyone to build robots with a plug-and-play approach.

  • Sensor modules
  • Drive modules
  • Communication modules
The measure of motorcycle performance

Brain, another innovative start-up launched by Industrio Ventures.

Brain is developing a motion detector for motor sports and extreme sports that will be the first smart telemetry able to "quantify your awesomeness!" directly updating information of your Go-pro video.

  • Brain Dose
  • Dispositivo multisensore
  • Mobile App
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Custom Frames for Top Car

Industrio Ventures still invests in innovative mobility technologies.

Bermat produces an innovative frame with adjustable technical characteristics to create unique sports cars and in line with customers' needs with Italian style. Bermat frames exceed custom limits of car market providing a solution to those who want a unique sports car.

  • Custom frames
  • Design console
  • Top Car and electric mobility
The discovery of nature in the plant world

Industrio Ventures announces Green Tech and Life Science investments.

Mirnagreen is developing technology for the extraction, production and marketing of bio-active substances of natural origin for the prevention and treatment of human, animals and plants diseases. The company was founded as a spin-off of the Edmund Mach Foundation.  With a science-based approach, the company intends to capitalize of the recent findings of researchers who demonstrated unexpected anti-inflammatory properties of miRNA (microRNA) obtained from plant extracts (patent pending).

  • microRNA
  • The new natural micronutrients
  • Nutraceutical and Cosmetics
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The technology for bike tourism

Once more Industrio Ventures invests in Green Tech and Mobility.

Sentier is a start-up and a brand focused on building technical and smart products, for the most outstanding urban and outdoor condition. The first product is a trolley for bike tourism, leading to a new dimension of bike adventure.

  • Sentier Bike Trolley
  • Icelandic Sentier T-Shirt
  • Merino Wool Beanie